Security and Anti-counterfeit labels

Security and Anti-counterfeiting Labels

Acting as a deterrent in fraudulent activity & protecting your business & brand, we offer a range of security labels, produced using our advanced digital print processes or by combination printing (including foiling) you’ll have peace-of-mind that your product is protected against theft or fraudulent activities.


QR Codes

QR Codes are more frequently used with the majority of smartphone cameras now scanning without the need to download a specific app.

Authentication labels

Authentication labels establish certainty about a product’s origin and identity. For brand integrity, it is thus important to rule out any uncertainties and to establish trust with your customers, JH Labels provide a range of solutions including personalisation and  QR Codes.

Traceability Labels

Traceability Labels enable manufacturers and trade partners as well as consumers and authorities to identify, authenticate and track goods throughout the entire supply chain. We supply both plain labels for you to print or supply pre-printed barcoded labels for you to use.

Sequentially numbered labels

Sequentially numbered labels are a simple way of identification, you can provide the data or last known number and we simply add this to your product using an excel data base.

Tamper evident labels

Tamper evident labels are used when you want your product to remain 100% safe from interference, using specific materials and specialised varnishes we can provide additional security for your label, such as material that will break apart the moment you try to remove. This is perfect for PAT testing and utilities that need to apply a label for service calls.


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    Guide to
    Sustainable Packaging and Biodegradable Label

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    Guide to
    Plastic Tax which may have implications for you


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