Oils Lubricants and Chemical Labelling

JH Labels have unrivalled experience in Oils Lubricants and Chemical labelling,
Using our Screen Tru Press Inkjet Technology we ensure your brand and more importantly YOUR SAFETY INFORMATION will remain intact throughout your products lifespan.

Used in conjunction with PEEL AND REVEAL labelling your Chemical label can contain all the information you need to help your customers be aware of H&S and instructional information.

Oil Lubricant and Chemical collage

Most household labels will contain harmful chemicals so you need to have that piece of mind when choosing your label that any chemical spills will have maximum protection.
Our Trupress inks are not only durable to harsh conditions, but they are highly resistant to UV fading in the sun and on the retail shelf.

Our inks will provide all the protection you will need without the need to laminate which will reduce your plastic content in your label and along with our responsible sourcing of sustainable materials you can be sure your new Chemical or household labels will meet your own green credentials.


  • green book

    Guide to
    Sustainable Packaging and Biodegradable Label

  • pink book

    Guide to
    Plastic Tax which may have implications for you


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